Handcrafted unisex apparel created in collaboration with Indonesian Artisans and Australian design.

New diary entry.

Explore the creative minds of Son of a Baker. Introducing Tryphena and Gianluca.

Immerse yourself in their journey and discover how they've infused their passion for food, art, and community into every aspect of their café. From conscious sourcing to culinary masterpieces.

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like no other

All Jazmin Nixey pieces are hand crafted and genuine one of a kind pieces.

Jazmin Nixey is an independently operated Australian brand.

The embodiment of my vision to craft timeless, lifestyle-enhancing garments with a deep reverence for the Indonesian artisans and tailors who meticulously hand-stitch and dye each piece.

Rooted in a commitment to longevity and respect for the environment, Jazmin Nixey transcends the transient nature of fast fashion, which often results in significant waste and environmental consequences.