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About Jazmin Nixey

Jazmin Nixey, an independently operated Australian brand.

Jazmin Nixey is the embodiment of my vision to craft timeless, lifestyle-enhancing garments with a deep reverence for the Indonesian artisans and tailors who meticulously hand-stitch and dye each piece.

Rooted in a commitment to longevity and respect for the environment, Jazmin Nixey transcends the transient nature of fast fashion, which often results in significant waste and environmental consequences.

The Ciroben Skirt

Our designs are meticulously created to be standout essentials, versatile enough for mixing and matching, and adaptable for building upon.

Our aim is to inspire clients to embrace their unique personal style through thoughtful design, fostering a more sustainable and vibrant future. The ethos of Jazmin Nixey revolves around ethical production practices, with a personal connection to our makers who are considered friends and family. Transparency is paramount in our approach.

At the core of everything we do, Jazmin Nixey is driven by a commitment to responsibility, transparency, quality, and style.

wulan pant black and gold silk unisex

Jazmin Nixey operates online and ships worldwide. 

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